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Schweikert Harris is a team of lawyers specialising in infrastructure projects working in partnership with our clients to identify and minimise risk and to resolve disputes.

We're on your team


Our Approach

Schweikert Harris is driven by a core team of lawyers who are specialists in major infrastructure projects across Australia.  We are big picture thinkers, working in partnership with our clients as trusted advisors.  We complement our expertise with carefully cultivated, like-minded partners, ensuring we always have the right team, meaning we can scale up or down depending on the matter and your needs.

We pride ourselves on getting into the technical detail so that we can gain a deep understanding of our clients' projects and work with them to devise the right strategy.  We deliver legal advice differently - our aim is to simplify complex technical and legal concepts in a practical and commercial way.  Our fresh, client-focussed approach was the reason we won a Lexology Client Choice Award in 2018, nominated by our valued clients.

We go the extra mile to protect our client's reputation and balance sheet. We advise at all stages of a project from partnering agreements, through tender, detailed design and construction.  We often work internally with our clients' teams, providing “behind the scenes” advice and training to delivery teams to identify and minimise risk, increase commercial recovery and deal with potential problems before they turn into litigation. 


Sometimes disputes are unavoidable and we always seek to use creative dispute resolution methods to maintain relationships, settle the dispute or minimise the impact of an inevitable claim.


We have been agile for a long time, meaning we are ready and able to work wherever and whenever our clients need. Working as part of our clients' teams in this way gives us unique insights so that we can provide relevant, honest, independent and reliable advice and strategies to resolve their legal challenges.


We have a particular interest in streamlining every process in disputes.  We work very closely in collaboration with our clients, consultants and litigation support technology providers (see ELMS) to understand the data we are collecting, the issues in the dispute, and the best and smartest way to use the available tools to collect, analyse, sort and review documents so that we can maximise the information in them for the legal team and the dispute.   

Crane lifting on construction site

Our Expertise

Since 2005, we have consistently delivered for our clients in projects and disputes in a wide range of industries, encompassing a variety of complex legal issues all across Australia.  Here's just a glimpse of what we've done so far.

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